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October 17

Marcus Mariota, Titans find comfort zone in defining win

Things didn't necessarily go smooth down the stretch for the Tennessee Titans, but finally hitting the .500 mark after beating the Cleveland Browns shows the growth we've been waiting to see. On a day when DeMarco Murray struggled early, quarterback Marcus Mariota rushed for 64 yards, just one shy of Murray and needing just seven carries to Murray's twenty one. Mariota's running ability is playing a larger factor in keeping defenses off balance. He also rushed seven times last week against Miami for 60 yards. It's necessarily coincidence that Mariota has also thrown for three scores in both games as well, finishing with his two highest passer ratings of the season. It's easy to forget the Oregon product is just in his second year and he's only been playing under Mularkey's system since November of last year. That said, it looks like Mariota is settling into this offense. We've also seen him stretch the field the last two weeks and connect on deeper routes. This was one of his weaker areas also showing progression. He is still showing the tendency to make some errant throws or force things trying to make a play, especially on timing routes. If there's anything to critique about this week's performance, it was those few plays he's sure to examine. Defensively, the team played a solid but tight game at points. The defense racked up six sacks, but there was some sloppy play to be tightened up. Special teams was once again in the spotlight after allowing the Browns to recover an onside kick and they defense was fooled on the ensuing drive by a screen play. If the Titans are going to continue their growth, they can't let teams hang in there. Once they were up 28-13, that should have been the time to put the nail in the coffin. Instead, they allowed the Browns to score 13 straight and put the outcome of this game on the line. Another key moving forward is the turnover differential. You'll hear coaches preach this all the time and it is even more important for a young team finding their way. The good news is the Titans seem to be finding their way. In just six games, they have matched their win total for all of 2015 and surpassed their 2014 total. Bottom line, this was a good team win. This is what we've been waiting to see from this franchise. Now, let's hope they can show us something we haven't seen in a while...a winning record.  function resizeIframe(obj) { { = 0; }; { = (obj.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 10) + 'px'; } }
October 3

Titans taking stock after loss to Texans

As with most weeks, the Tennessee Titans had a chance to win their Week 4 matchup against the Houston Texans but were unable to capitalize on their opportunities. The loss was highlighted by a punt return by Texans wideout Will Fuller in the third quarter, which on Monday resulted in the firing of Titans special teams coordinator Bobby April. However, there was plenty of blame to go around in this loss. It's important not to forget the Texans raced to a 17-3 point lead in the first quarter, putting the Titans in the position of playing catch-up most of the game. Mariota frequently tried to do to much, highlighted by throwing on the run across his body in the second quarter while trying to connect with Delanie Walker, only to be intercepted. While the pick was negated by Jason McCourty's interception the next Houston drive, it's a reflection of the struggles Mariota continues to face this year. He's totaled just 4 touchdowns and five interceptions through four games and has a completion percentage of 58.8 percent. Houston might be among the league's top defenses, but once again, the wide receivers could not create separation. With the game on the line and over 4 minutes left, the Titans had three straight incompletions. In Houston territory and needing just six yards to convert, Andre Johnson and Anthony Fasano could not get enough separation to haul their passes in. Regardless of the debate over whether or not pass interference should have been called, we've seen the same situation each week. Mariota is trying to force things and make a play, which when combined with tight windows, is not going to end well. There were some positives. We finally saw Mariota connect on the deep ball, if only for once. The play of Perrish Cox and Jason McCourty was second-to-none, with both players coming up with a key interceptions that kept the Titans in the game. It's worth noting one of the best receivers in the game -DeAndre Hopkins- was held to just one catch for four yards. There was also the continued reliability of DeMarco Murray, who continues to carry this team on his back each week. As proven the last two weeks however, he needs help to build on his consistently strong performances. Perhaps no other player in the league is as important to his team as Murray is to the Titans right now. There is promise on this Titans team and despite the loss, they are at least keeping things close. Unfortunately, close is not going to cut it. That's why you see Mularkey making the move to part ways with his special teams coordinator. The Titans are taking stock of their current situation and it likely won't stop with Adams. If this team is going to take the next step, each player needs to look at themselves for improvement. Just one more step in the right direction could have made the difference on Sunday. function resizeIframe(obj) { { = 0; }; { = (obj.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 10) + 'px'; } }
September 26

Titans take two steps back in loss to Raiders

Instead of building off a resilient win over the Detroit Lions in Week 2, the Tennessee Titans reminded us of their youth and weaknesses on Sunday against the Raiders. On the bright side, the defense played well enough against a high-powered offense to keep the Titans in the game and like Week 2, give them a shot to win the game in the 4th quarter. The running game also picked up where they left off, with DeMarco Murray and Derick Henry totaling 181 yards and a score on just 29 carries. The issue was with Marcus Mariota and the passing game. 17 or 33 for 214 yards and two picks just isn't going to cut it for any team. There are going to be bad games, but the bigger issue is the sophomore quarterback still isn't where he should be. Just when we thought he had turned a corner last week, Mariota failed to keep composure under pressure. The Oakland Raiders defense is among the worst in the league, but you wouldn't have known it on Sunday. Regardless of the pressure, Mariota has to learn to be a better game manager and make better decisions. He was without his top threat in Delanie Walker, but that can't serve as an excuse. Take a look at teams like the Patriots and Cowboys. Both Dak Prescott and Jacoby Brissett have a fraction of Mariota's experience, yet have been able to manage their offenses even without top playmakers being available. Mariota has also failed to show us he is capable of throwing the deep ball. Some of it might be the playcalling, but when they have taken shots, they have failed. Mariota needs to make that turn and show that composure on a consistent basis. He gave us a glimpse against the Lions. With a divisional game against the Texans this week, he needs to show us if he can take two steps forward. function resizeIframe(obj) { { = 0; }; { = (obj.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 10) + 'px'; } }